5-Simple Steps to Transition from Classroom Teaching to a Successful Career in Children's Yoga & Well-Being



Leading your own classes however you like without having to follow a strict curriculum or asking permission to teach a certain theme or subject.

Only teaching what you believe in, what the children are interested in and give them exactly what they need.

Having more freedom with the hours that you work and a schedule that you create to fit into the life that you want. You get to choose your own work hours.

More time for yourself to do what you want to do.

No longer spending your weekends marking and over-planning. Your evenings won't be filled with paperwork or reports.

Having more impact on children's mental and emotional health versus being forced to focus on academic achievement.



I'm Laura, A former-classroom teacher and I successfully moved from overwhelmed, disheartened early years teacher into full-time kids yoga teacher 9-years ago, and I'd love to support you in doing the same.

Since then, I have been teaching children's yoga workshops to parents and other educators all over the world, leading volunteer kids yoga projects with charities and fully taking advantage of my time & freedom whilst making a much bigger impact than I was in the classroom.

And I'd love to support you in doing this too - however that transition and your dream kids yoga career looks to you.

What I Share on this free workshop:


5-simple steps to transition out of your classroom and into a career in children's yoga & well-being (even if you don't yet have the qualifications or experience)


How I went from feeling disheartened, overwhelmed & frustrated working in the school system to loving my career & life whilst making a more positive impact


Practical action steps & my top tips so that you can leave the education system and start a kids yoga career with ease & confidence, by the next academic year

Are you an educator who feels burnt out, frustrated and overwhelmed working in the education system?

Are you finding that you don't really have time to do your job properly because of all the paperwork and pressure placed on you?

As a former-classroom teacher, I have been there too and so I understand your pain, your frustrations and your fears.

In this workshop, I share my knowledge and experience that I have gained from taking the leap out of the education system 9-years ago, so that I can support you in transitioning from full-time educator into a dream career in children's yoga and well-being, with confidence & ease.

Transitioning into a new career doesn't have to be difficult or scary, and with the guidance of someone who has already done it, it won't be.